Problem Solving in Physics (PHY315): Essay & Examination    Dr. C.N. Booth

Module PHY315 has, for most students, been discontinued. However, the second semester part of PHY340, including the examination, is identical to the equivalent part of PHY315. Hints and tips for the 2013 paper is provided below
(The information about essays is NOT relevant to PHY340 or PHY350.)

As part of module PHY315, you must write an essay on a topic chosen from the list provided. Below, you will find the list of possible titles, guidelines and an abridged version of the Departmental Guidelines on plagiarism. (This information is provided for guidance only, and is not specific to the current academic year.)

Dates and deadlines 2014

Friday 8th May Deadline for handing in essays to F10

The following exercise was undertaken in one of the problems classes, to assist students in identifying, and hence avoiding, plagiarism. In order to benefit from it, you need to take time to consider each exercise in turn, before moving on to the next exercise or looking at the answers.

A library resource illustrating one particular style of referencing is available from

You are encouraged to attempt past examination papers. Numerical values, hints and similar information, but not full solutions, are given in the following documents so that you can check your attempts. Note that there is not necessarily only one correct way to approach questions, and where estimates are required, a range of values may be acceptable, especially if justified by reasonable arguments. If you have attempted past questions and wish to discuss details of your calculations, please see me!

Note that exam PHY307A (or PHY350A from 2014) contains the first 10 questions from the PHY315 paper.