PHY304 Particle Physics Dr C N Booth

Particle Physics  -  Homeworks

The weekly homeworks are available here.

All homeworks are due in to F10 on a Tuesday, according to the schedule given below.

HomeworkHanded outDue in to F10Returned with feedback
Homework 12nd October9th October23rd October
Homework 223rd October30th October13th November
Homework 327th November4th DecemberFri. 14th December

Note that late work receives a penalty of 5% per working day. Late work is only accepted for a maximum of 5 working days after the deadline.

When I receive questions on the homeworks, I will try to reply directly. However, I thought that it would only be fair to make the information available to the whole class, so it will be reproduced on the module MOLE page.

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