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Background mathematics  
Topic 1 - Coulomb's LawLecture Handout PowerPoint
Topic 2 - Electric FieldLecture Handout PowerPointExample field calculation (from lecture)   Dipole calculation (from lecture)
Topic 3 - Gauss's LawLecture Handout PowerPoint
Topic 4 - Electrostatic PotentialLecture Handout PowerPoint
Topic 5 - CapacitorsLecture Handout PowerPoint
Topic 6 - ResistanceLecture Handout PowerPoint
Topic 7 - CircuitsLecture Handout PowerPoint
Course SummaryLecture Handout  

Example of use of Kirchhoff's Rules

This course, along with other first year Physics lectures, uses the common course textbook: Young and Freedman "University Physics with Modern Physics" 13th edition, ISBN 0-8053-8684-X, published by Pearson Addison-Wesley.

Appropriate sections of the book for the Electricity & Magnetism I course are as follows:

Past Examinations

It is not departmental policy to provide complete specimen answers to past examination papers. However, to help you in revision, numerical values and similar information are given below for recent papers so that you can check your attempts. If you have attempted past questions and wish to discuss the descriptive questions or the details of your calculations, please see me!

Feedback on recent examination performance is also available.

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May 2018
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May 2017
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May 2016
Numerical Answers

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